Makeover and Rejuvenation Tours, Thailand

Considered a full Makeover? How long has it been since you pampered yourself with a complete Makeover? When was the last time you tried new makeup, hair style or Fashion? Now is the time not only to pamper yourself but learn how to make up yourself to look and feel like a movie star every day with a complete makeover.

Come to Thailand and experience our makeover tours. All our makeover packages can be customized to suit your very own needs. Makeover services range from makeup training to plastic surgery for a comple makeover of your whole body. You will have your very own personal assistant with you as you meet the specialists who will show you how to be the new you.


A full range of relaxing spa treatments as part of your makeover

  • Body Brush

  • Carnation Oil Cover

  • Herbal Steam

  • Body Scrub / Body Mud

  • Body Massage

  • Bath

  • Anti-stress Facial Massage

  • Foot Massage/ Herbal Foot Compress

A full range of options focusing on a makeover of your face and hair

  • Teeth whitening and full checkup

  • Enhance your natural beauty with makeup tips and a complete makeup session

  • Consult with our hair stylists. Style your hair with ease for a natural look every day.
  • Talk to specialists about a face lift.

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Start your makeover with spa treatments


Cosmetic Makeover
We can also offer help with cosmetic procedures as part of your complete makeover. Some of the most popular plastic surgery procedures include breast augmentation, liposuction, eyelid surgery, rhinoplasty, and eyelid surgery, face lift. All the procedures are performed by internationally trained doctors and nurses in JCI accredited hospitals and clinics.

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Wellness and Detox inner Body Makeover
Makeover is not just about the way you look, makovers are also about how you feel. No makeover is complete until you have spent time in a Yoga Retreat right on the ocean. The retreat offers a complete approach to well-being as part of your makeover, one that takes into account physical, spiritual, emotional, and mental aspects of one's health, just another step in your complete makeover. The Yoga retreat offers several personalized and guided makeover programs such as; detox programs, to help you back to good health and even take your yoga practice a step further while transforming your body and mind into a new you.
You will be given makeover guidance on how to continue living in a way that supports you, your body, and your mind. Our goal is to have you leave empowered by what you have learned and continue your life with the new you after your complete makeover.

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Create your own custom makeover package with just one email, including:

  • Chauffeur

  • Personal assistant/translator

  • Plastic surgery

  • Dental

  • Skin clinic

  • Laser treatments

  • Face Lift treatments

  • Massages and Spas

  • Relooking

  • Shopping in Bangkok with expert guide

  • Hairdressing

  • Makeup

  • Manicure & pedicures

  • Hair extentions

  • Eyelash extensions

  • Tours

  • Romantic river cruise diners

  • Tailor made suits or dresses

  • Thai cooking classes

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After your makover consult our fashion specialists

A new wardrobe for a new you after your makeover


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